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Young bitches th...

Diapered as a Punishment

Embarrassment & Humiliation do Miracles

Sometimes a bare bottom spanking punishment just isn’t enough. It sometimes just doesn’t help to make a disobedient girl really learn her lesson. A next step further beyond corporal punishment is indispensable. That’s where ‘Diapered as a Punishment' comes in. You can imagine how shameful it feels for a delinquent brat to get her sore bottom put into diapers after a painful spanking. And you can imagine how much more effective this procedure even works, if it’s applied in front of her friends or classmates! Pure shame, embarrassment and humiliation, a 100% guarantee to learn her lesson, finally...

Not sure where to start? The famous AAA Studio is an adept and experienced producer of Corporal Punishment Videos, they will show you how to do it right. Check the free previews below!

Fae's Tearful Spanking And Diapering - Images PreviewSoon her cheeks are burning red as the hairbrush is also used to properly tan this deceitful little madam! The final part of this punishment involves severe age regression as her private parts are powdered and she is placed into a large, old fashioned white diaper.
Angelica's Humiliating IntakeNurse Gregory first has Angelica strip before giving her a spanking and strapping for her rude attitude. Then, since Angelica can't seem to stop touching herself, she will be made to wear diapers to prevent masturbation and slutty behavior.
Rachel Adams Spanked and DiaperedRachel has been having accidents and mommy is not happy. After a full medical exam including a rectal temperature taking, it is confirmed that Rachel is not sick and that she has a behavioral issue. Dr. Gregory knows just the treatment.
Opal Spanked Diapered And Mouth SoapedOpal is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking. She is spanked over her tight jeans, then over her panties and finally on the bare bottom. Next, Opal is taken up the stairs for the next parts of her punishment. Mommy humiliates Opal by putting her into a diaper, followed by a mouth soaping.
Sister Spanks And DiapersAfter calling 'Enough!' so many times, Cleo decides that if her younger sister Jas wants to play so badly, then she can play the way she wants to. She spanks Jas over her cute little dress, then on her tight panties, and of course over the bare bottom with hand and hairbrush.
Fae And Blaire's Humiliating PunishmentThey were acting like silly babies, which they thought was funny, ahead of their planned sleepover. Once home and the girls are in Fae's room, the fun stops as mom announces there are a few things that will be happening after she had a phone conversation with Blaire's parents.
Mommy's Spanked And Diapered SlutAfter a stern talking to, she goes right over mom's lap for a spanking. This is very humiliating for Apricot, to be naked and across mommy's lap being spanked on her bare behind. Well, if that is not enough, there is more punishment for this slut. Mom bends her over for a dose of the thick strap.
Ava Spanked And DiaperedThe film starts as Ava arrives home to find Mommy waiting for her with a hairbrush in hand with baby powder and a diaper placed next to her! Ava's tummy flips at the sight of this... Mommy scolds Ava and is tells her how disgusted she is at her daughter's juvenile behavior.

Can't get enough of these cute bottoms put into diapers?